Manicurist and Nail Technician

The is a big misconception that nail technicians are the same as manicurists, which is not true. However, both the roles require you as a professional to help your clients feel more beautiful with the help of your skills and creativity. To become a nail technician or a manicurist, you need to learn these differences between both the professions to understand what you are doing.

Nail Technician

The role of a nail technician is to treat and beautify the client’s hands and feet with their knowledge of cosmetic treatments. They should know about the products that they use and should be able to explain the right benefits of the beauty products to their clients. Some of their duties include cleaning and disinfecting the nails, promoting products and services, trimming and filing nails, applying nail paint and designs, applying or removing acrylic nails, and using the right tools in the treatments.

Taking care and beautifying hands and feet of the clients is the main and only skillset of nail technicians. They do not have experience in any other beauty service. They can have their own clinics or work with spas and saloons to provide their service.

Nail Technician

How to become a nail technician

You can do a course from a beauty school for nail tech or manicurist. You may also require a license in certain states to become a nail technician. It is still a growing field, so you will also need good marketing skills to grow you business. Keeping your clients happy is a part of your role as a nail technician because you want to win their trust so that they become your regular customers.


The manicurist can perform the same duties as a nail technician, but they can also perform other tasks like all kinds of waxing for the whole body and shaping the eyebrows. Manicurists have also licensed professionals like nail technicians who have also have skillsets other than hand and feet grooming. They can also perform hand and feet massage with higher training and can also suggest cosmetics for taking care of hand and feet. Most of the manicurists own their own salons or work with several cosmetics and salon brands. They can have flexible time shifts, and their income is entirely based on client availability.


How to become a manicurists

Like nail technicians, manicurists also complete a course from a beauty school. They need the right diploma or equivalent qualification to work professionally as a manicurist. There are plenty of cosmetology schools available in every state that you can prefer based on your fees expectations. After completing the course, you can apply for a job at any salon or open your own.

Explain the differences between Manicurist and Nail Technician

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