At Metroplex Beauty School in Mesquite, Texas, we use OPI’s teaching, training and educational support system to give our students the hands-on experience they need to be ready for success on Day One after graduation!

The OPI Program gives you the know-how and skills you need – not just for manicuring, but also for general cosmetology.

As a student of Metroplex Beauty School, you’ll have access to exclusive OPI kits and products. These include the expanded professional kits and products used by cosmetology professionals in their every day work.  With access to these advanced and newest products and tools, you’ll be on the cutting-edge of beauty education.

Being an OPI Preferred School is important to your cosmetology education, because it incorporates the real-world professional industry into your everyday hands-on education. And that means you’ll be more confident and prepared to have a successful career in cosmetology and manicuring.

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